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Super Mechs

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Super Mechs has an interesting tagline – build, fight, prevail! The online flash fighting game requires players to use robots. To win and move to the next level, you have to build your robot. Afterwards, you use your robot to fight another one that shows up on the screen. In many ways, it is similar to the Street Fighter, with the main difference being the presence of robots to wage war. To win in Super Mechs game, you have to fight with several opponents, who are also robots. If you beat one robot, you move to the next level, where winning becomes more difficult. The degree of difficulty depends on the level where you are. As you keep moving from one level to the next, the quality of the opponents also improves. To beat the next opponent requires more alertness on your part. You must attack the two action points decisively to overcome your opponent. Your opponent can be either computer or other players. Regardless of the opponent that you face, your goal is to ensure that it remains at zero HP. The rewards for beating the opponent are experience, points and SM, which is the currency within the game. You can use the currency in the workshop to upgrade the robot with new weapons as well as parts. The upgraded robot is then stronger and more capable of winning the upcoming battles against better opponents. Super Mechs is in 2D and involves side-scrolling, which means that the camera moves every time your robot approaches the other robot. More importantly, you will continue with the same currency until you reach Level 10. Once you go through Level 10, Platinum would be the new currency that you now have to fight to win. The gameplay is quite simple. You should try it while relaxing as a way of boosting your brainpower.

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